Multi Mode Optical Fibres

LaserWave ® 550/300 Fibre

Increasing bandwidth demands are driving the need for low cost 10Gb/s connectivity in Local Area Networks, Storage Area Networks SANs), and Central Office/Internet Data Centers. Multimode fibre systems have traditionally provided the lowest cost for short reach optical communications systems of up to 1 Gb/s data rates by enabling lower transceiver, connector, and cable termination costs. LaserWave laser-optimized 50 micron multimode fibres are the first to extend the application of multimode fibre to support 10 Gb/s serial transmission to 550 meters or more with low cost 850 nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) transceivers. This Product originates from OFS, USA.

LaserWave ® G+ Fibre

LaserWave ® G+ Fibre extends the distance of 1 Gb/s applications to 750 meters at 850 nm. For 10 Gb/s serial applications, LaserWave G+ 50 Micron Fibre more cost-effectively supports the 40 percent of building backbones that are less than 150 meters in length. Like LaserWave 550/300 Fibre, LaserWave G+ Fibre is a DMD-controlled fibre that provides optimum performance with laser sources. This Product originates from OFS, USA.

Laser-Optimized 62.5 and 62.5 XL Fibres

OFS Laser-Optimized 62.5 and 62.5 XL Fibres, designed for 1 Gb/s operation, provide the bandwidth to extend the reach of Gigabit Ethernet operation beyond the 220 meter limits of conventional 62.5 multimode fibre. This enhanced 62.5 fibre supports Gigabit Ethernet distances of 300 meters at 850 nm and, with OFS Laser-Optimized 62.5 XL, 1000 meters at 1300 nm. OFS Laser-Optimized 62.5 Fibre is fully compatible with standard 62.5 multimode fibre. This Product originates from OFS, USA.