Non Zero Dispersion Single Mode Fibre

TrueWave ® REACH Fibre

TrueWave ® REACH fibre provides maximum performance for today's optically amplified systems over longer distances and with higher capacity. Optimized for Raman amplification, the fibre minimizes the need for complex dispersion and dispersion slope compensators and additional amplification. With fully matched dispersion compensation modules available in the C-, L-, and S-bands, True Wave REACH fibre enables the highest performance and minimal system cost for 10 and 40 Gb/s transmission systems. This Product originates from OFS, Denmark.

TrueWave ® RS Fibre

TrueWave ® RS Low Water Peak (LWP) Fibreis a nonzero dispersion fibre (NZDF) designed to accommodate today's lower channel counts and tomorrow's full-band capabilities in metropolitan, regional, and long haul optical transmission. With its optimized dispersion values and dispersion slope, which reduce the need for complex and expensive dispersion compensation, TrueWave RS Fibre enables the lowest total systems cost for both single and DWDM channels for erbium doped fibre amplified (EDFA) networks. This Product originates from OFS, Denmark.